Thrive! Mentoring Sessions and Packages are designed to help you clarify, strengthen and expand your awareness. This will lead to greater accountability for how you are choosing to live your life.

Working with me as your mentor will radically accelerate the rate at which you can:

  • clarify, strengthen and expand your awareness
  • learn how to live your life as a true reflection of what matters most to you.
  • show up in your inner and outer life as the strong, clear, kind and caring person you are capable of being.

Our work together will take you beyond talk therapy into conscious and purposeful living as you learn how to let go of your story and step into a life that is an artful expression of who you truly know yourself to be. You will learn how to recognize the specific ways that you get in your own way and how to let go of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that do not serve your well-being or the health of your relationships with others.

Know that you will be tested
by the routines of daily life,
by chance and circumstance,
and by the full cycle of the seasons of life.

Know that you must encounter life’s sorrow
no less than its sweetness,

its frustration along with its grace and ease,

its disappointments along with its fulfillment.

I don’t use Judith’s services because I am broken, but because I am smart enough to know that having a good mentor enhances me in both good times and bad. -Lillian, 42-year-old business owner

Judith helped me to find that place inside myself where I really love, accept, and support myself regardless of whatever is going on in my life and what other people think about me and what I’m doing. – Debra, 45-year-old artist

I love working with Judith – it’s like having a whole team of consultants rolled into one person. -Jack, 58-year-old corporate executive

As a college student, I love working with Judith. She’s like having this wise elder who doesn’t judge me but helps me deal with my life. -Lucy, 18-year-old-college student

Why smart, savvy people like you seek my help

We live in a world that keeps reinforcing the message that we need to seek outside ourselves for validation and direction. But that is not true! True happiness is an inside job and those of us who achieve it must learn to turn ourselves inside out so we can locate and then navigate by the light of our own truth.

Real happiness does not come from having the biggest and best of material possessions and accomplishments. It comes from cultivating a profound familiarity with yourself and living a life that resonates with your deepest truth and passions.

An essential part of our challenge is to override the cultural programming that has taught us to avoid pain and suffering. The problem with that is that it leaves us ill-equipped to meet the challenges, trials and tribulations of our lives. It takes skill to move through your life with your well-being intact while gathering and integrating the lessons your life is presenting to you.

I discovered Judith through a previously published article she wrote for the Huffington Post. It was the first time in my life where I read an article of someone that completely got it in terms of my emotional struggles. I was hesitant to reach out, but Judith welcomed my email. I have worked with a therapist in the past that was missing the mark for my specific situation, so when I discovered Judith mentored people on how to thrive in their own lives I was curious to learn more. After our first session I was amazed at her ability to listen and teach me how to “pay attention” to my thoughts and practice awareness. As a result, I look forward to our work each week. She is a fantastic listener and mentor who, among other things, is teaching me how to celebrate who I am. I highly recommend Judith to anyone hesitant on taking the jump. – Rachael, 29-year-old corporate executive

Check out my mentorship packages to see which one is just right for you!

The 11 Keys
Mentorship Program

This signature course brings you greater freedom, clarity, and effectiveness in your life.

Mentorship Program

This custom program is tailored to your specific needs and growth as you embark into conscious and purposeful living.

The Couple’s Mentorship Program

Would you like to learn how to thrive in your marriage?  This program is designed for both pre-marital couples as well as couples who are in a committed relationship.

Dying and Death Support

This course is specifically designed to provide support to individuals who are terminally ill and/or their partners, families and loved ones.

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