My mission is to help you to master the art of being You.

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I call my work The Kintsugi Path of Living and Dying because thriving is more the result of weathering the disturbances of our lives than from avoiding them.

The Thriving Studio™

In The Thriving Studio™, we pay loving attention to how you get in your own way and renovate the inner scaffolding upon which you live your life. Breathing life into your truth becomes your Art.

Author, mentor, and workshop leader, Judith Johnson, holds Doctorates in Social Psychology and Spiritual Science, as well as an MBA. She is an interfaith minister and hospital chaplain. Her upcoming books, Mastering the Art of Being You and Making Peace with Dying and Death are scheduled for release in 2019.

Deep within the heart of the earth and the marrow of the bones is a compass that quivers to the power of love…  in its many forms: kindness, passion, connection, empathy, generosity, forgiveness, and the guts to tell the truth.

-Elizabeth Lesser, Marrow, p 306


Let’s work together to help you master the art of being true to yourself.

Weddings & Marriage

  • Are you looking for a wedding officiant in the Hudson Valley of New York who will help you create a wedding ceremony that will truly reflect your beliefs, values and life circumstances?
  • Would you like to learn how to thrive in your marriage?

Dying & Death

A healthy relationship with death enables you to appreciate and enjoy your entire life more fully.