Choose to take the Light road, the Light option,
to relate to whatever is going on in a Light way so
you can enjoy yourself and have fun while you go
through it.

You can laugh or you can cry.
You can enjoy yourself or you can suffer.

Happiness is always your choice.

John Morton

Lightening up your life is about choosing to transform your trials and tribulations into revelations and intentionally engaging in the journey of uplifting your consciousness. Light is not only one of my favorite topics but something we all need to understand better if we want to sit in the driver’s seat of our own lives.

On the physical level of our existence, light exists as a reflection. What we see is the electromagnetic radiation of wavelengths. This illumination or giving off of light is what allows us to see one another and the world around us. In order to be seen or to see in the physical world, we move out of darkness into light.

In the non-physical or spiritual realms, light is a state of being or awareness. Some speak of the “I am” presence — the awareness of one’s true self or identity being spiritual in nature rather than the physical identification of one’s self as a body with a personality. Physically, you reflect light. Spiritually, you are light. Put the two together and you become quite magnificent!

There is a bridge between the light of the physical and spiritual worlds. This bridge is your consciousness — what you think, what you believe, where you focus your attention or awareness and thereupon take action. Unless and until you decide to shed light on this process, your default settings carry on diligently — most often without your awareness. Aristotle uses the metaphor of light to exemplify how an active intellect works — the one who makes choices, takes actions (both physical and non-physical), the one who turns on the light, so to speak.

I had a dream once where my mother and I were in a huge domed room filled with windows of all shapes and sizes — each with its own customized window shade. Some of the shades were fully drawn while others were partially or completely rolled up exposing the light. My mother asked, “What should we do?” to which I replied, “Open as many as we can to get as much light shining in here as possible.”

Years later, life has taught me that each of us has a different tolerance and desire for light — both physically and spiritually. I don’t say that as a judgment, but rather as an observation of our individualized path of personal evolution. Notice how much light you are willing to shed on your life’s journey.

Some people are so busy reciting their woes and experiencing themselves as victims of the circumstances and people in their lives that it never occurs to them that they have the power to change how they perceive their situation. This is another classic example of “Is your cup half empty or half full?” Are you so busy keeping track of every disappointment or irritation in your life that you are missing the opportunity of being grateful for what is going well at the same time? If you are one who sees the potential for more light in your life, consider some of the following wisdom and techniques for gaining more altitude so you can see more clearly what is really going on.

Next time you are in a foul mood, try this simple technique:

  1. Notice that the irritation is alive inside of you.
  2. Choose to believe that you have the power to lighten your load by looking at your situation differently.
  3. Imagine that you are climbing into a hot air balloon and rising above yourself and your situation.
  4. Keep shifting your focus away from your initial point of view and practice noticing the circumstances and experiences of others involved in the situation with you or those of others who are less fortunate.
  5. Keep doing this until you can conjure up some compassion, acceptance or understanding for others or find yourself shifting your focus to what you have to be grateful for in your life.

If that doesn’t improve how you feel, try asking yourself the following questions:

  • What could I do differently so I wouldn’t be so upset?
  • How else might I look at this situation?
  • How much of my discomfort is due to my habitual way of reacting to things I don’t like?

Each of us chooses the quality of our lives through the choices me make and those we avoid. If your life isn’t bringing you happiness, satisfaction, learning and growth then maybe it’s time to take a better look at how you are creating, promoting and allowing what is present in your life. Shine some light on your repetitive thoughts and feelings and you are sure to find some clues of what you could be doing differently to yield better results.

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