My mission is to support you in living with profound authenticity through the trials and triumphs of your life.


Wedding Ceremony Designer and Officiant

I honor individuals and couples regardless of beliefs and life circumstances. I am the author of the bestselling book on wedding ceremony design.

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Life Coach

I can help you to pick up your life and live it in a greater way.

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Author, Speaker, and Social Change Agent

I have appeared on Fox & Friends and HuffPost Live and was the keynote speaker for the Good Grief Center's 2012 annual conference. I enjoy writing and speaking about many dimensions of the human experience. Among my favorite topics are:

  • love and marriage
  • how to celebrate our oneness while honoring differences
  • transforming the culture of death in America
  • practical, everyday spirituality that improves the quality of your life
  • cultivating an enlightened consciousnes
  • the responsibilities and accountability of individuals and society to contribute to the highest good of all concerned.

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To know more about what I am thinking these days, visit my blogs on this site: Weddings, Consciousness, and Dying, Death, & Grieving,or click here to visit her on the Huffington Post.