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Looking for a wedding officiant in the Hudson Valley of New York who will help you create a wedding ceremony that truly reflects your beliefs, values and life circumstances?

Are you looking for an officiant who will take the time to educate you about your options and address all your concerns and considerations?

Would you like to find a seasoned, caring, good-natured officiant (who happens to be the leading expert on wedding ceremony design) to guide you in crafting a one-of-a-kind ceremony that is just right for you?

Do you want your ceremony to be spiritual, but not religious, so it speaks universally to all your guests about the power of love in our lives?

If this sounds like your dream come true, you’re in the right place!

The Wedding Ceremony Planner: The Essential Guide to the Most Important Part of Your Wedding Day

This book offers:

  • an abundance of elegant and heartfelt choices for all ceremony elements
  • ten full sample ceremonies
  • 49 different wedding vows
  • expert advice and guidance on often-overlooked logistics

Whether you are a couple getting married or an officiant, this essential guidebook will answer all your questions – even the ones you didn’t know you should ask!

How to Write Meaningful Weeding Vows:
Even If You Are Afraid to Try

This book offers:

  • A deeper understanding of what a wedding vow is.
  • An explanation of the different kinds of vows.
  • A step-by-step guide to figuring out what to say and how to find just the right words.
  • Expert tips on overcoming fear and anxiety.
  • A fool-proof strategy for delivering your vow with grace and ease.

Here’s What Other Couples Say About Judith

“Judith was amazing she had such positive energy and performed an eloquent ceremony. She took our feeling for each other and put them into words and conveyed our love to each of our guests. We received many compliments from our guests on the ceremony that she performed.”

Wendy and Roger: 9/25/16

“Meet her once, you’ll realize she is the one for you :-)”

Celeste and Steven 6/5/2016

“From the moment we spoke with Reverend Johnson, we knew that she had to be our wedding officiant. The entire process was not only organized and efficient, but Judith really helped us turn our focus to the real purpose of the wedding. We had become so wrapped up in the parties, the invite list and the logistics of everything, that we were so happy to have someone in the process help to ground us. To help us focus on our relationship and beginning our life together as a married couple. Judith has a wonderful process, including worksheets that guide you in your planning. And buying and using her book was really helpful for us. She also helped us write our vows, which we revealed to each other during the ceremony. It was so helpful to have her guide us on this aspect. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Judith. The wedding was perfect and we owe so much of that to Reverend Johnson. We would highly recommend her to anyone!”

Natalie and Alec 4/5/2016

How to Write Meaningful Wedding Vows


Learn how to give your partner the gift of publicly declaring the love in your heart and your promises to love, honor, and cherish him or her for a lifetime together.

  • Price: $9.99

Love: The First and Most Sacred
Priority of Your Marriage

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an eCourse for Couples

This Do-it-Yourself program is designed for both pre-marital couples as well as couples who are in a committed relationship (married or not). 1 lesson per week for 5 weeks.

Go deeper here:

Couple’s Mentorship Program

When you add mentoring to the eCourse, I will customize the course to your relationship. Let me help you build the kind of partnership in which you can both thrive as individuals within a healthy relationship.

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