Welcome to The Thriving Studio™

Come. Learn to navigate life’s challenging transitions while you thrive as you in your own unique and spectacular way.

The Thriving Studio™ is where you pay loving attention
to how you get in your own way
and find the answers you need to change
how you see both yourself and the world.
By doing so, you can consciously practice and evolve
until living your Truth
becomes your

How can you tell if The Thriving Studio™ is right for you? Read these statements and see if one or more of them describe you.

  • I feel off course with my life.
  • I’ve been so busy seeking fulfillment outside myself, that I have lost track of my deeper truth and passions.
  • I want to elevate and evolve my consciousness but I just haven’t had the time.
  • I seem to be more concerned about pleasing and doing for others than about knowing and expressing myself.
  • My own needs and yearnings keep being out-prioritized.
  • I have beliefs and fears that are preventing me from fully expressing myself.
  • I feel trapped in roles, relationships, or a job that is limiting or restricting me.
  • I hide behind a mask of coping, faked smiles, approval-seeking, and a cheerful demeanor.
  • I pretend that I am not experiencing deep sadness, disillusionment, disappointment, self-doubt, loneliness, and/or hopelessness.
  • I keep avoiding or dismissing my inner knowing.

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No one ever taught us the wisdom contained in The 11 Keys. Yet, it is exactly what you need to know to feel solid and confident within yourself no matter what is going on in your life.  This is a program in self-stewardship – learning how to get out of your own way so you can thrive in your unique and spectacular way.

This mentorship takes you on a self-paced inner journey of transformation.  Your attention is focused on how you are living your inner life rather than on what you are doing and accomplishing in your outer life.  It all boils down to perceptions.  What you believe to be true is the ‘reality’ you live in.  The 11 Keys show you how to change your perceptions so you can change your experiences in order to live the life you yearn for.  As you consciously practice using the tools and techniques presented, your best self emerges and you find your life becoming easier as you master the art of being you.



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Learn to master
 the art of being
 true to yourself.

The Couple’s Mentorship Program

Learn how to build and maintain a strong infrastructure for your marriage or partnership.

Mentorship Support Around Dying & Death

This program is designed for individuals, partners or families to provide education and support about how to overcome fears and do our best in the presence of dying and death.

I nicknamed Judith ‘The Cosmic Minister’ because her perspective is not limited by any dogma. She sees the bigger picture of life and the universe and the perennial truths that underlie all the major religions and belief systems. -Robyn, 62-year-old entrepreneur

You truly (and I mean this) had so much to do with my success and helping me recognize my inhibitions so I could be cognizant in clearing them. It’s still a daily activity for me to consciously remind myself to quiet my gremlins, which in my case are self-doubt and worrying. Setting small goals for myself has really paid off. I am practicing putting myself first and reminding myself that I’m worthy regardless of what feels familiar and natural that says otherwise. -Belinda, 41-year-old social justice activist. 

I am so grateful for Judith’s passionate commitment to helping me explore and articulate my own deepest truth and to live from that place of authenticity. Her work is the antidote to skating around on the surface of life endlessly trying to measure up to some eternal standard of success or authority. I used to get angry, judgmental and full of excuses for why my life was such a disappointment to me. Now, I’m free of that and having a great time. Thank you, Judith! -Meredith, 47-year-old empty nester in transition

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