“God is love.
This means that even
the greatest source of negativity is love.

Ultimately, you must come face-to-face with that
and recognize that whatever negativity presents itself
is still of the true nature of God,
which is love.”

— John Morton

As the previous articles in this Laws of Spirit series attest, this sequence of spiritual wisdom steps can be enormously useful in extricating ourselves from the challenges we face each and every day. It is practical spirituality at its best. In order to get to the loving, we have to first work our way through our “issues.” This means doing what is necessary to achieve acceptance, cooperation, and understanding about whatever person, situation, or circumstance we are grappling with. Then, we are simply left with the loving that joins us together as one.

Spiritual love is characterized by deep peace, freedom, and an absence of resistance or “againstness.” When we love in this way, we unite and embrace the other. When love is unconditional, there is no withholding of our self in any way, nor is there any judgment of our self or others. There is no hidden agenda of how we want the situation or person to change. We may not like the person or situation involved very much, but we recognize that there is more going on in life than our personal preferences.

This love that joins us together as one is different from romantic love. It is not about feeling all warm and fuzzy and affectionate about something or someone. It is not characterized by intense desire and attraction. Rather, it is a sense of connection to an underlying unity of all that exists. It is a choice to be kind and compassionate based on an awareness that on a non-physical level we are so unified that whatever I do will affect you. It is transcendence over a personal agenda to a desire for the highest good of all concerned. Spiritual love says, “I might be distressed by you or your behavior on a personality level, but I know that spiritually, we are all one and I wish us no harm.”

“You are in this world to learn to use the energy of creation wisely
in order to bring about completion.
An important key to remember
is that the energy of Spirit follows the thoughts you hold.
Wherever you direct this spiritual energy in the material world,
things are manifested.

There’s an old saying:
“What you fear comes upon you.”
It means you become a magnet for what you fear,
and you create for yourself the very thing you’re afraid of.
Is there a real source of fear? No.
Is there real fear? Yes.
It is inside of you,
and you are the creator of it.
You give birth to your own fear.

Under the energy of fear is the energy of pure Spirit,
which allows you to create whatever you want.
This is the unconditional loving of Spirit,
allowing you to do whatever you will
with your body, emotions, and mind.

— John-Roger

Loving is love in action. It is about what we create, promote, and allow — our contribution. We don’t need to live our lives engaging in big and little battles each day with other people trying to further our personal agenda while they seek to advance their own. Alternatively, we can know ourselves as powerful creators and meet the situations in our lives from an awareness of oneness and caring about the highest good of all concerned. What would this look like? Consider the last time you and your spouse or a friend had a serious disagreement about something. Did you become curious about how and why they arrived at their point of view or were you too busy trying to get them to see things from your perspective? Regardless of what they were doing, the question is what were you doing in the discord? Were you seeking to restore harmony between you through mutual understanding or were you building a case for how wrong and unacceptable they and/or their behavior were? No matter what the other person did or did not do, when practicing spiritual loving we hold ourselves accountable for how we respond to the situation. We hold the intention of not doing any harm to ourselves or others. We do not fuel the fire of discord, but seek to remain connected at a deeper level in spite of our respective flaws.

I can’t help but wonder what would happen to our divorce rate if spouses were held accountable for their vows to love, honor, and cherish each other in good times and bad. The laws of spirit provide excellent guidance in how to do so. The missing ingredient is practice, practice, practice. The true value of working with the laws of spirit is that you feel better about life and about yourself and you are far more likely to be kind and compassionate to others.

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