The beautiful thing about the sequence of the Laws of Spirit is that it so clearly delineates what needs to happen in our hearts and minds to be open to the flow of God’s wisdom, love, grace, and blessings in our lives. Ultimately, it leads us to the fifth Law of Spirit: enthusiasm. In “non-God” terms, enthusiasm is the state of one’s mind and emotions where we are free of personal considerations and open to experience life as it is. Through acceptance, understanding and love it is possible to shift your perspective on whatever person or situation you are dealing with and find yourself in a state of enthusiasm for the perfection of the situation on some level.

In its spiritual interpretation, enthusiasm refers to moving past your mind and emotions to tap into divine energy, or for those who speak in non-God terms, achieving the most clear, pure, open, and free state of consciousness possible, what the Buddhists call “nirvana.” It is an expansion of consciousness beyond the mundane yet evident in how we handle the mundane. It is an expression of those qualities that nurture inner peace, openness, unconditional loving, and awareness of God’s presence in our lives. Enthusiasm is beyond the emotions where every cell of your being is in alignment with what you are doing, you are filled with joy, and synchronicity is familiar territory in your life.

A more common understanding of enthusiasm is that “oh goody, I got what I wanted” feeling — the “I’m so excited I’m getting married,” or “I got a big raise,” or “I got a publishing contract” kind of excitement. Indeed, that is a kind of enthusiasm, but here we are looking at a more profound form — the kind that emanates from your soul.

A great example of enthusiasm came from a reader, Elaine Mansfield, who wrote in regarding last week’s blog on the Fourth Law of Spirit — Love. She described her husband’s way of moving through the last two years of his life with cancer as follows:

Vic was often alarmingly ill and mentally jangled by the medicines and the disease, but decided from the beginning that even though he was too messed up to focus in meditation or study his favorite spiritual teachers, he could be kind to everyone — me, his sons, the nurses, the custodians in the hospital, his students, his doctor. Everyone. As you would expect, he received buckets of love and kindness in return and everyone who helped him get to the other side learned the power of spiritual love and human kindness.

Many people pay lip service to believing in God or a particular spiritual principle. This man demonstrated how to breathe life into his beliefs. What a blessing to all who knew him or hear his story.

Consider if there is a place in your life where you might benefit from some enthusiasm. Ask yourself:

  • What are my deepest beliefs, and how do I live those beliefs?
  • In what area(s) of my life do I play God instead of opening to the divine flow?
  • How might my life be different if I surrendered my willfulness and “won’tfulness?”
  • In what area of my life or in what relationships do I feel out of alignment with my highest self?

I think the human condition makes it pretty difficult to sustain our enthusiasm — unless we are as evolved as the Dalai Lama, who giggles all the time. But it matters in what direction we strive. The quality of our lives depends on it.

Ultimately, enthusiasm is a delightful inner experience that is always available to us. All we have to do is to surrender into it by journeying through the process of acceptance, cooperation, understanding, and love.

I hope you enjoyed this series on the Laws of Spirit and would love to hear your thoughts and comments.

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